12 April 2012 @ 02:18 pm
college work!  
Well, my cat jumped on my keyboard and posted this before I was finished FFF.

So, here are some things from my college sketchbook. All of 'em are photographed because they're all on A3 paper. Investing in a bigger scanner seems benefitial, I hate taking photos of these things LOL

The sketches were orginally posted here with more elaborate descriptions,
And the paintings were posted here, again, with more information. Comment here or there, I don't mind!

Anonymous character, pretty regular traits in my art (the skull, wings, the chubs~), just inspired by Rachel Goodyear's work and themes! I'm going to outline and colour this digitally when I get the chance, I'm awfully pleased with how this turned out, even after a month. :0

"No more girls, no more love."
Something Lake R▲dio inspired. I was playing the song by ear, so the lyrics may be incorrect! What I can hear fits the lovely Miss Daryl Finnegan though, breaking the lyrics even further out of context. Something else I'll definitely colour digitally, too! I'm pretty proud of this, despite the... knees pointing in two different directions LOL I'll fix that, don't worry.

Reese and Jason, mine and my partner's male persona characters, respectively. There'll be more of these two! Just for those days we feel more on the masculine side ;v; Something else I'll slap some colour onto soon!

"You okay, Mikey-boy?"
Despite the whole retsupurae thing, and the fact that it was how we discovered the game, we genuinely love Darkseed 2. It's goofy, but it's charming. We also really like Mike and Jack, so I may or may not draw more for this game.

Just a painting study, practicing with acrylics and monochrome stuff. It's Daryl again!

"God only knows when your word isn't pure and the blood on your hands isn't yours;
I won't believe any word that you tell, and I won't drink the blood if it spills."

More monochrome stuff, this time with watercolours. Daryl, stop being fun to draw! >: ( Nothing more to say, honestly!

Aaand lastly, it's Hugh! I love drawing him, and this is my first time colouring anything of him. I imagine Hugh speaks Frenh fluently. He's an albino Mika, I swear to god.
feeling: accomplished
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