13 April 2012 @ 04:21 pm
Just the pieces I took to my university interview, along with a few aditional things I'm still fairly proud of! I also brought my sketchbook with me, but here are the best finished things I have over here. :0 I'm going to post these in rougly chronological order, but my memory may be a little fuzzy.

One of them, We Are Cosmic, has already been posted. ;v;

I just like the concept and compositon of this, but it's going on over two years old now. I'd love to do more things like this :0 Early 2010 or late 2009, I think?

"There are just way too many parasites in this garden."
May 2010. I still like this despite its age and flaws! Originally something inspired by my Bioshock 2 multiplayer character, Erika, haha! I like the style and composition a ton still, I might revisit this.

Stylising things like this is too much fun =V= So here's a creepy gastly! Around... september 2010!

My first painting at college! The task was to paint a still life not using brushes, so this was a mixture of sponges, card, toothbrushes, and my hands. c: I'm still very pleased with this! September/October 2010, and this got into my portfolio.

This was another task set maybe a week after the black and white one? I just wanted to go all-out in an explosion of nonsensical colours, and I'm still thrilled with it! Same mannequin as the last one too. Still framed and on display at college, actually. c: September/October 2010.

Something for my gal, [personal profile] playhouse! Her character Kuuden, who is fairly serious, but drawing something silly was fun and relaxing. c: I'm happy wth the colouring still~ October 2010 or so? This one actually made it into the portfolio.

"Lights Out."
Something else for my sweetheart, her character VOID. Again, I still love the colouring and composition a whole lot! The lineart and anatomy's still pretty iffy, but I like everything else a hell of a lot! November 2010. ;v;

"Of the Hunted."
Found a piece of painted paper lying around in one of my classrooms, so I decided to just doodle on top of it! The first Daryl on this post. I love doing things like this, fun little experiment with lighting. c: Late 2010 or early 2011, I really don't remember.

"It's up to you if you believe that or not."
When I learned of Heaven's Gate, I was pretty damn startled because not only was the leader a spitting image of how I pictured Randolph to look, but at the time what I could glean from this song at the time really struck me deep as encaspulating this lunatic of mine. His name's Randolph Fitzpatrick, and he's a drug addict and a serial killer, as well as a priest. I think that's all that needs to be said. I still like how this is coloured though. c: January 2011.

"Art thou player, or audience?"
A revision of this, seeing as I still enjoyed the concept and I changed the character's gender and body type. Well, sex, rather, their gender mentally is still the same. This is Harold, an antagonist from my story. I still might colour this! February 2011. This made it into the portfolio too.

"Fuck your god."
Another Kuuden, and this time more serious! Kuuden basically strongly opposes and detests religion of any kind, but I don't feel at liberty to really talk about her, as she is my partner's character, after all! This was just stupidly fun to draw. c: February 2011 too.

One of my gals, STRAY, a partner to VOID. They're earthbound demons who stage elaborate gruesome murders of criminals. That's about it! She's gone through a few redesigns, and even this hasn't stuck, but it is the last time I really drew her. She wears a headband comprised of human hand bones, and often wears the bones of her victims in other ways. I need to do more of her! Sometime in early 2011, I really have no idea. This made it in to my portfolio.

My final piece for my college course last year, a portrait of my girl. Allegedly, this behemoth of a canvas is still up in college but I haven't seen it anywhere, not even in the classroom. I would like to see if I could possibly bring it home soon, I am dying to fix it up and have Ashley keep it... when she moves over here, at least! ;A; June 2011.

"Unclean property."
Doodle from my moleskine of my unhinged drug addict priest, Randolph. Most of the things I draw of him are largely the same in terms of pose, composition and theme, which I dearly need to break out of. @___@ I like this though, my best sketch of him yet! I'm so pleased with those horns. July 2011. Another portfolio piece.

"Here in your arms."
My girl and I. ;v; We're long-distance and no matter how hard that fact gets, we can easily console ourselves that it won't be long until we can hold each other again. This was drawn shortly before she spent six months here, and in a couple months' time, I'll be over in the US with her for a month. I'm a very sappy and sentimental person. ;___; August 2011. In my portfolio.

A bust of Hellboy. Why not? c: Happy with this no matter how simple it is! Apparently, I enjoy drawing muscles. A bizarre discovery. August 2011.

"My beloved monster and me."
I think there's a reason I don't draw feet, crikey. This was going to be part of a comic, but I never got past the first page. I'm a big Hellboy fan, just so everyone's aware LOL ;v; Dozens of things here which I never usually draw and despite that, I'm surprised and thrilled this turned out as good as it did. August 2011 and part of my portfolio.

"Here's a lullaby to close your eyes, goodbye (it was always you that I despised)."
I hardly draw Erin, but here she is, Daryl's mother. She's slightly unsound and has a very dismissive, lying partner, who destroyed every scrap of her confidence and pride. She still loves her daughter dearly, and she's the only one she can trust. September 2011?

"I never gave my world away (maybe I should.)"
Daryl! Sitting on a wall, probably at her parents' farm or something. Not much to say about this, other than I still really like this despite the wonky anatomy. ;v; September 2011, also in my portfolio!

"Wake up and smell the ashes."
I'm actually working on outlining and colouring this digitally, so I do apologise for that shoddy background. Redrawing it to look decent is giving me a headache, so I've only been working on it in spurts since Christmas. Sketched in Otober 2011 though!

"Overfed and paranoid."
Self-portrait, entirely because a line from an Angelspit song pretty much summed me up. This was also the first thing I drew with my beautiful mechanical pencil I bought during one of my lunch breaks at college, and drawn when I got back to class. October 2011, and this was in my portfolio!

That's all for now! ;v; I'll post a few more things today, I just want to build up a good portfolio online here!
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